Apex Fusion Open Beta

We are happy to announce that Apex Fusion has now been released into “Open Beta”. Many will certainly wonder exactly what that means so here is a brief explanation.

Apex Fusion has been operating successfully for four months in a closed beta with hundreds of Apex customers. We have now solidified the service enough that is ready for a wider user group. Open beta is still beta software which means that some features of your Apex may not yet be supported and there likely will still be bugs, especially in newer features that will continue to be introduced into the beta as they roll out of our alpha stage internally. If this is at all uncomfortable for you, please do not use Apex Fusion open beta.

We will be allowing an ever increasing number of registrations per day for the open beta that will only be limited by daily volume. The pool of available slots will be refilled hourly so you can keep checking all day, everyday to see if you can get one.

Simply go to http://apexfusion.com/ then select Get Control and then Create Account


Apex Fusion Dashboard

Apex Fusion Dashboard