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But the best way is to let you hear it straight from our customers!  Recently we have been sending out feedback surveys to our customers and we thought we would just list a bunch of them here, raw and unedited, so you could read for yourself how our current user base loves the Apex. Yes, it is a long page, but this reinforces what you get when you buy into the Neptune Systems Apex ecosystem.
Peace of mind you can’t live without!
Great product support.  I especially like the forums.
Because when I’ve rarely had to call in the past extremely efficient helpful staff and your product is great
I have two large tanks and travel a fair bit; having control over every aspect of my tanks is critical for my piece of mind and the health of my inhabitants.  I also have cameras set up to visually verify that all things are normal!
The peace of mind this system delivers is absolutely unparalleled.  It works flawlessly And has for almost 5 years now!  Thank you for the great products!
Great functionality and peace of mind.
I love my apex system and every component and feature I have utilized my apex to almost it’s max potential.
Amazing control of all equipment!!
I love Neptune for giving hobbyists what they want.  I recently left the hobby for now but when I come back my first purchase will be all the latest equipment from you guys.
tank protection and automation made easy. many accessories to add utility like leak detectors, flow meters. apex fusion is a very user friendly interface
the apex works! it’s easy to use and set up, and it reliable!!
I can check on my tank from anywhere in the world
Best reefing system on the market. Quality products and always innovative.
Very good product no complaints here Love it
Quality product.  Design and function.  Just works.
Flexible implementation with cloud based controls and programming
Ability to control and monitor many aspects of my tank wherever I am
Ability to monitor and control from anywhere you have internet connection.
Love the equipment and the control.  Remote information is great too!
Amazing products they do all sorts of things easily
Competent software and equipment
Because the Apex is the best monitoring and control system on the market for your aquarium.
Quality product, forward thinking, reliability, expandability
the simplicity of the system and ability to monitor my aquarium
Reliability, Piece of mind, Controllability
I love the program ability of the system and email alerts. I also really appreciate being able to log in remotely, see how the tank is doing.
It allows you to create a stable and controlled environment. I have been running the classic on my 180 for 5 years. Set up another tank in October of last year and bought a new apex for that tank. There are many advantages with the new Apex especially updates. But in the end they both do what they are intended to do.
Stable, easy to use, and yet still incredibly easy to do very complicated things.  Seamless integration from local web interface, hardware display, and world web interface.  IoT companies could certainly learn from Neptune Systems…
Ability to monitor and adjust multiple parameters (depending on accessories installed) across computer, tablet, phone.
Great product along with awesome customer service
Basically I don’t have to wonder if everything is ok anymore.
Apex is the apex when it comes to custom controls of your hardware for your Tank.
Ease of use and flexibility to test or measure or control just about anything.
Reliability of the control system and how it makes reefing simpler and fun
These systems have helped bring reefing success to more people than any other piece of equipment in the hobby. I also use and sell your products! 🙂
Apex make is so much more enjoyable to reef!
Its a good reliable, powerful tool.
Quality – reliability – affordable
very easy to view your settings , both with controller and computer
It’s the best controller available
It is the only cost-effective solution to monitoring multiple parameters in an aquarium. The ability to script actions is important to automating processes. Alerts sent to phone/email keep me informed. The ability to see graphed trends over time also helps pinpoint problems and plan maintenance.
Most advanced controller on the markter
I have found apex products to be reliable and useful.
I like the control and peace of mind.  Ease of use.  Always able to check lvls by just looking at the probe results.
Peace of mind. I have never had a problem with my Apex Classic unit! (Knock on wood.)
The backup is wonderful and the products are great.
I am pleased with the system which I actually find very useful.
Security of knowing what is going on with your system
I travel and my apex gives me control and peace of mind while I am gone
You haven’t killed my tank yet.   You have had ample opportunity to kill my tank, as I have been using your stuff since the ac3, yet miraculously you haven’t screwed me yet.   Go you!
I sell Neptune products in my retail store and use them on every system here.  I’ve used other controllers in the past and tell my customers why Neptune are superior to all others.
The control it allows is the most important reason to install an Apex.
Neptune system reliability on a great product.
Reliability monitoring 24/7 for free and the system is amazing helps me control my tank for years. They make things compatible with other products
I absolutely love being able to control my aquarium on my phone. Your slogan “it’s all about control” is bang on. I can do a water change by toggling switches on my phone and not lift a bucket. I can control my tank remotely if I’m not at home.
I love our Apex Neptune system.  It’s incredibly versatile and scalable, and the support our there is phenomenal,  whether from the company or the customer base. If there’s something you want, chances are someone’s done it and can help. The possibilities seem endless. Best of all, there’s peace of mind when it comes to your investment in your aquarium setup.
Control options are key to controlling your system.  I can create simple routines or complex ones as desired.
Expand ability, user interface is easy to learn.  Great support when needed.
Programmability and integration with web based portal
Your system works, and is reliable
Ability to monitor and protect virtually every part of my aquarium
It simply works  not exactly simple  but it works very well
Apex systems are the best. They’re essential to the reefing hobby
It works as expecteded and is reliable.
Full control & reliability over every aspect of the tank
The Neptune apex initially was rather convoluted and difficult to setup,  however with the firmware updates and dedicated app i’ve had a much better experience monitoring and managing my reef tank.  The autonomy and ability to manage almost everything from my phone is priceless
Reliable and good customer support
ease of use and setup as well as overall equipment quality and functionality
Best in the industry hands down. Owed an apex for 4 years and will always own one. I have told two friends to get them and they did!
Having the ability to automate my reef tank and to be able to check on it no mater where I am
You guys provide all the automation I want. NOW GET tHAT TRITON out!!!
The computer control can handle just about anything. 
Piece of mind and controllability
Having a great control over the aquarium and being able to monitor it from anywhere with fusion.
Overall a great product that has never failed me in the 5 years it’s been online.
Ease of use and variety of components it controls.
Reliability modular performance
Easy to use and very useful information.
I can go on vacation and know my tank is running correctly.
The system makes it so easy to control everything.  My success with my tank would not have been so without the Apex.  I am not very good at taking care of the tank, so the automation three Apex provides is perfect for me.  No need to worry about water top offs, feeding, dosing and monitoring the temp and Ph.  I have never used anything like this before, but the support and ease of learning how to program is fantastic.  I wish the display panel was a little more “high tech”, but it still works great the way it is.  I love the product!
The system is very customizable and allows for automatic approach to many tasks under single app. The access to all probe info and email alerts are very helpful for busy person like myself. 
Automation is the key to reefing if you ask me
Excellent resolution of my problem, I was able to fix it with their tutorial bit in the past I’ve always gotten premium service talking to a rep from the company.
Customer care and quality products
Seamless control from just about anywhere in the world and keeps me updated and notified for abnormality, reefing keeping has never been easier with APEX. A big BIG thank you!
Online help – I call, speak with a tech support, the person ‘takes over’ my PC, solves all. All good.
Easy to use, reliable and some of the best customer service out there.
Safety features and monitoring of simple parameters help maintain the stability. plus adding triton has allowed me not to do a water change in almost on year.
Ease of automation allows me to keep a healthy reef while living a busy lifestyle
The Apex’s capabilities.  The apex allowed me to simplify so many routine operations and monitoring tasks, it was indispensable.
It is well worth the money for your system to control your tank and get notifications.
Has saved my tank inhabitants more then once. Makes life easier and somewhat easy to use program and use
Functionality. Your product meets my needs and gives me peace of mind. I am an avid dart frogger and I would love to see your product in that hobby( temp, humidity control, lighting, foggers, and misting). Thank you
Reliability and access to information thru phone.
Features, quality, customer service.
Reliability and accessibility. I can access anywhere in the world and know that it monitors 24-7!
good quality, multiple functions, you can keep control of your tank at all times
Well designed – Excellent online instructions – Excelllent UX – Scaleability – Reliable
i have had your Apex running  my system since about 2011 , i have everything but the kitchen sink on it  and knock on wood it has not failed on anything yet. . . I might add my friend feels the same way , we both would have chose yours if we did not have to get knew apex because like i said your product has worked well for me.
It works with no issues and would NEVER have a tank without one
I have a 10 gallon reef aquarium. This is my first reef aquarium and I had done 2 years of research on the topic to make sure I truly wanted to get into the hobby and that I was prepared before getting started. One thing that kept coming up was that small tanks are hard, but I couldn’t do big. I decided that the Neptune Apex was a must in order to have long term success and therefore I saved up enough money to purchase it along with my other equipment. Yes, there were other controllers on the market but the quality and features of the Apex swayed my vote. It has now been 2 years from when I first set my reef tank up and my Apex has saved me from disaster more times than I can count! Such as a heater failure, return pump quitting, PH spike, even when my ATO quit adding water and the temp probe became exposed to the air telling me the water level had dropped. I have added many things to my Apex as they are released such as the FMM, 1-Link, PMUP… All have been excellent. I am an Electrical Engineering Student and therefore love to tinker with electronics so I have used the BoB for many DIY projects and I plan to use the Raspberry Pi along with a 7 inch touch screen as a Fusion control screen for my cabinet. I couldn’t run this aquarium without my Apex and for that reason I would recommend it to anyone starting or who doesn’t have one. I travel a fair amount during the year and having the Apex is a blessing. The auto feeder works really well (I 3D printed a new sliding tab for the auto feeder specifically for the 0.5mm pellets I feed). I use the PMUP for my ATO. Its a little on the loud side and I didn’t like this at first but now I love it because I get to hear that its working properly. I have my Apex and equipment hooked up to an APC UPS which can keep everything running like normal for 6 hours in a power outage and the new heartbeat system works really well in addition to this. Overall, I love my Apex and won’t run a reef tank without one.
The equipment itself, when running properly, is hands down one of the best things to happen to the hobby. So much redundancy and control. If a client of mine has more than $5000 invested in their system, I won’t let them leave without purchasing an Apex unit.
It works extremely well.  i travel a lot so remote monitoring is essential.  Apes helps me protect my aquatic investment.
Easy to set up and monitor even away from the house
It really works And I can leave my house for a couple of weeks keeping everything under control.
I wouldn’t run a Saltwater aquarium today without an apex controller.  I just wish I had the money to upgrade to thenlatest version to be able to automate my alk testing.
reliability, function, control… just completely outstanding equipment… nothing offers the peace of mind and ease of use like apex does…
Excellent product and keeps getting better!
The is the best smart controller on the market and I’ll never own a fish tank without one.
The system is hard to get used to and set up the first time you use it but the number of things it can do (and does for my tank) far out weigh the initial learning curve. I would have given up on salt water tanks long ago if it was not for this system.
My ability to be successful with a reef tank has been multiplied by having my apex. Even tasks as simple as feeding are automated and made easy. Further, having web access to control the entire system no matter where I am is infinitely valuable. Last, the ability to program the system and provide custom behaviors to things like power outlets means there are zero challenges that I can’t solve with my apex. Best product ever!!!
I have used Neptune controllers since they came out and they have definitely made this hoppy easier and adds safety and piece of mind for the thousands of dollars in livestock that are in my care
Solid technology, it just works! Especially like the cloud based approach so I can access from home or away, PC or Phone or Tablet. Excellent products!
The Apex controller allows me to leave and go out of town and still be able to check on my tank
I love that I can automate my aquarium. It allows me to enjoy the my fish rather than worry about turning lights or pumps on and off
The  System works very good and makes your life a lot  easier  . The only down side to it is that it is very  difficult to do the Firmware updates and can not be done over WiFi .
Always had amazing service from the team despite me being based in London,UK.
You are the best at what you do
Controllability and user friendly interface
I would never be comfortable with leaving my system watched but family members who don’t understand aquariums if it weren’t for my ability to check in on my system and make adjustments from anywhere on earth.
Incredibly fast service. Constant updates via email to check on the status. Top notch team of experts. If all companies were like Apex, life would be so much less stressful!
Extensibility and Support and vendor partners.
Being able to view this anywhere in the world and just the level of quality is top notch.
What isn’t the most important? The system is a geeks dream come true. Fully programmable while still easy with preconfigured macros. The interface is intuitive and the platform is rock solid. The accessories are wide ranging and more are being added often.
Makes maintaining of tank easy.
Flexibility of the Neptune system!
Innovation and tank automation made easy
Notifications is number one. Two would be having control of your system.
Ease of use, great community help, 2nd to none customer service
Apex brings total control of your aquarium system to one site.  Essential in my mind.  Especially for a complex system and as a professional aquarium service company.
Functionality and all in one system
It has been totally reliable since I started using it.
Support has always been fantastic, software and system customizability is outstanding, and value for what you get is second to none.
products are top quality and customer service is the best in the industry
Unquestionable reliability of the system and accessories.
To be able to program outlets how I want them.
I can control and monitor everything from my phone.
Great service and great products.  Very active community to help answer questions in addition to Neptune staff.
Your equipment works great and gives me peace of mind and saves me so much time
Apex is the best monitor and controller aquarium equipment.
Does exactly what is designed for, does not miss the mark
The  Neptune Apex is a well rounded control system that is 2nd to none. The programmability tools are very powerful and support is exemplary.
Wide range of fully intergratable products with endless user friendly programing options.
I have owned a “classic” for 3 years and love it! These things are so versatile and with a little imagination you can do just about anything with these systems. The modules are great to customize your systems for your specific needs. Neptune does a great job of evolving the firmware and webpages.
Easy!  Jon and Russ.  It’s people that make a business.
Can’t run a tank without the apex system
extremely reliable and convenient
Automation and Reliability.  Its critical to know whats going on with the tank.  It provides pease of mind without having to do a ton of work.  It MAKES the hobby enjoyable!
Good quality, excellent support, “Less  hassle” 🙂
Easy setup, reliability and expand ability!
Just the tolled control you have over your tank and everything at your fingertips, I can’t wait till I try your new pump that just hit the market
Monitoring, control, email and text notifications!  There are so many available functions I am constantly learning something new. Only thing I could ask for are more advanced programming videos from Neptune.
Constant improvements even after years past since i bought the unit. The apex fusion was a game changer, made things so simple. Also true plug and play. Good job!
I love the ability to monitor and control my tank remotely.
Your products work like they should. Always coming out with new and better things.
Easy to use tank automation and monitoring. Dosing, water change, feeding all adjustable in fusion interface without much hassle. Monitors parameters as well as power consuption to detect failing or faulty equipment before problems can arise. Love my Apex!
easily managing especially WiFi capabilities
It’s ease of use and interconnection in the dashboard
This is the best system I have ever seen. The ease of use and the Cloud based app is superb, and of course the awesome technical support. I’ve been running the system for a little over a year, I have the latest Apex running the DOS, FMM for the ATO and Leak Detection, and I don’t know what I would do with out it.( Can’t wait for the Trident)
Easy to configure and ties all the aquarium equipment together.
Product quality and a large community of hobbyists who help each other make the best of their apex gear in pursuit of their reefing dreams.
This product is AMAZING and has very few shortcomings. I’ve used it to not only automate my aquarium, but my house too!
Great products. Great service.
The number of different features, options, reliability.
The Marketing is spot on…The Look is perfect…I Love Orange…More Orange
I could not have a tank without one
Controllability, monitoring, peace of mind.
Il’s easy to use. The information is live and easy. Thanks Apex!
I had a slight problem and contacted. Customer Support  who got back to me within hours and the problem was fixed
Simply the best of the best.  It is more expensive than I wished, but it works great.  I can’t wait to do more with it!
Control and monitor while im not Home it’s a #majorkeyalert 🔑
Works great , never had a problem after many years of use
Apex gives me piece of mind when I am away from home that all is well in my tank. I had one of those cheaper systems, but had horrible experiences. I recommend the system to everyone and I can’t wait for the trident to come out.
Peace of mind when not home to know my tank is ok. I’m gone a lot for the military, and have a service come once a week to maintain the tank. They monitor things as well, and my tank has never looked better.
Most important equipment I own besides the tank itself. I would never run another tank without APEX equipment! It’s built in tank insurance. Absolutely love everything Neptune comes out with. They have to true blood of a reefer running through their veins. Their equipment has saved my systems several times, from heater failures, to power outages and even help me diagnose when a pump is starting to go bad by pulling more amps than usual. Neptune and Apex aren’t just a brand they are thee brand!
I am an educator with setups in my classroom. I live an hour away from my school. My APEX system allows me to control and monitor my setups. It acts as a sort of digital safe net. Much of what I do with my setups would not be possible without this system.
Love having the control and bring able to monitor things away from home
Excellent and innovative systems with great forum and customer support
Makes monitoring my tanks easy, even when I’m not at home.  Gives the warm and fuzzies to be able to see what is going on–peace of mind.
Safety and security of my aquarium
it easily monitors and controls vital systems and alerts me when necessary.
Reliability, easy to used and fusion
Solid reliable product that allows me areas of certainty in a hobby filled with unknowns. The product works beautifully and is simple to use whilst also allowing a very high degree of bespoke variables. Love it.
I have been using Neptune Systems to create an environment as stable and healthy as possible so my corals can strive
I know what is going on in my tank in Real time. Had a tank crash ph from 8.06 to 6.2 in 15 minutes apex alerted me started a water change and everything was OK
Easy programming for most items.
It has been amazing for me. I have had my Apex for almost a year now and there have been no issues other than probe calibration (conductivity) I think it is a great product overall and well supported.
Easy to install; easy to configure and works well.
Innovative and produce reliable and cost effective product!
Ease of use. I love being able to control all my equipment from my phone and to check other parameters quickly without pulling out other equipment to test one thing. One suggestion I would love to see added is Siri or Alexa support. I have both and I think that would take my home automation to the next level.
Trust for the products you make. Always dependable.
It’s a great piece of kit, lots of options and peace of mind
Controllable of all my equipment
Ease of control at your fingertips, 24/7 anywhere I am
I feel with the control it’s gives me over my system it allows me to focus on other aspects of my reef tank without the worry of sudden crashes and peace of mind while I’m away
Reliability and stress free not having to worry about unplugging things and parameters and having control of equipment at the push of a button
Very nice being able to control my tank from my iPad, makes everything much easier with out having to unplug pumps and lights and heaters. Would be nice if it could control the ai hd series lights however.
Reliability and instant information via smart phone or computer is a great piece of mind.
Ease of use and able to control from anywhere around the world
I’m still learning to use my apex but after owning a reefkeeper for years I am glad I made the change. Better interface with built in WiFi. Endless options for control and protection.
I now have total control of my 150g coral tank without having a single issue with my tank since I installed.
Makes my life easy and keeps me aware of any issues that may arise when Im not at home.
The ability to completely monitor my systems in almost every aspect and the fact I can upgrade to more control without having to buy another controller.
Ability to monitor my tank and reprogram my automated scripts while out of town.
Alerts and alarms are a must have
No one else makes products like you
your product is awesome.  It makes reef keeping that much more easier and  provides you more time to enjoy your tank.  It also gives you peace of mind while your on vacation.
System monitoring while away from tank
I absolutely love being able to control my aquarium from anywhere. The ease of use in Fusion is a blessing!! Also being able to use Fusion yo dial in my calcium reactor was awesome!! And the way you can track everything!!
Very easy to use and tech support are eager to help.
One of the best tank controller to keep a safe reef. And many accessiries to play with. To keep our reef investment safe. Many many Thanks to Apex Neptune Team
Alway great customer service and quick response. Apex is the heart and soul of the tank when it goes down we need answers as fast as possible. Imo you guys respond very quickly. Thank you
It is fairly easy to set-up and your customer support has been outstanding.  Visitors to our house are very impressed on how the system controls my salt water aquarium and I would like to add more.  Accessories are on the hig side in cost but if they are reliable and continue to have the support/backing of the company, they are a sound investment.
The convenience of being able to feed the fish much faster
Easy to use with 24hrs monitoring
Your system is very easy to use. Very durable and intuitive.
Control, simplicity, overall control ability that isn’t offered anywhere else
The system have saved my reef tank twice.
Simplicity of use. Extend  apex funcionality to specific tank needs
Convenience and piece of mind.
Great product and excellent support for when things do go wrong.
It is a little complicated and overwhelming in the beginning for someone like me ! but once you stop scratching your head and open the box and start plugging things in it all makes sense. I love it now and save every month for more of your gear. Keep up the great work
The support from Apex is top Notch !!!
Great application & easy to use!
I have an Apex Wifi system, and I’m not sure how I ever managed my reef tank prior to getting this controller. I have not added any additional modules (yet), but the amount of things it can do right out of the box are incredible. Before the Apex, I had a tangled mess of chords beneath my tank that were plugged into various timers and power strips. Turning equipment off and on was a pain to say the least, god forbid I needed to adjust the timers. Now I can simply use the Apex app on my phone or get into Fusion on the computer and turn off/on whatever I want, for however long I want. Also, I never monitored pH, and loosely monitored salinity. I would occasionally lose corals here and there and just attributed it to that coral not doing well in my system. Since I’ve added the Apex, and subsequently started monitoring pH and salinity all the time, I’ve yet to lose a coral (or any other livestock for that matter). I do monitor Alk and Calcium as well and being able to create charts in Fusion has been awesome. The ONLY downside I’ve come across since installing the Apex is that now I REALLY want to upgrade my lights to have the ability to set dimming and lunar schedules. So in reality, it’s only a downside for my bank account!
The ease of access via the cloud or browser. Also, the app works great (iOS).
I have a Gen1 Apex and its running great.  That and the support from Neptune has been outstanding in the few times I had to send the unit back for repair everything was handled without any hassel, the attitude was lets get this fixed and sent back to you fast. I liked that a lot.
Ease of use. Compatibility with so many modules to make my reef experience even easier. And more fun.
High quality and everything just works
Excellent products and customer service!  I like standardizing on products and things integrating with each other.  The products from Neptune Systems all work together.
The ability for my tank to tell me there’s a problem while I’m not there so I can either go there or call someone for help.
Before I had the Apex I had no peace of mind regarding my aquarium, especially when I was away from the house. I once had a heater stick in the on position and the temperature rise to 84 degrees before I discovered the problem. With the Apex I would have known immediately and it would have shut down the heater. The programmability makes this customizable to fit all of my reef tank needs. Finally the customer service at Neptune is first class; they respond quickly and always follow through.
How expandable it is.  And the things to come.  To make my like easier with my 189 reef tank
I don’t know any of device, which gives the same level of control as the Apex.
Reliability, customer service, and ease of use
I really like the ability to monitor my reef and actually see what’s going on in real time. The controllability is awesome too.
They are so great! Best customer service.
Excellent service, quick responses. Very helpful.
The Apex provides a broad range of flexibility and practical use functionality to not only control but continuously monitor, track and trend advanced systems while also in a format that is simple enough for a beginner to quickly advance and increase their chance of success.
Ease of set up and complete control of all the equipment
Super easy for newer reef keeper to more experienced reefer keepers. I love the ability to check on my tank during the day when I am at work with just a few simple clicks.
I’m not really tech savvy but I was able to get it set up and better monitor my aquarium.  I do have a few issues particularly with conductivity probe and a few with connectivity to my router, but all in all, I really enjoy the controller and look forward to adding more to it.  I really like Fusion and am still learning my way around it.  I think it saved my return pump and possibly everything while I was on vacation when my ATO ran dry and I was able to get my neighbor to add water.
convenience flexibility quality
My REEF is save with Neptune Systems, Fast, Acurate, Precise,Friendly, and above all Human Customers Services
Apex is quick to help with excellent customer service!
The system just works great out of the box and it has great features. It keeps me 100% aware of everything that is going on with my reef tank.
Powerful system, easy to setup and great customer service
Problem was fixed and Neptune followed up multiple times
Excellent quality and simple to connect modules and accessories.
Great product and great customer service
I’ve had great success with your products. They make maintaining an aquarium enjoyable.
Integration with other manufactures systems.
Apex allows me control and information of all the important systems of my reef tank
Solid reliable product.  Going on 7 years without s glitch.
Reliable equipment and relatively easy to set up and use.
Comfort of have 24/7 notifications to your mobile device.
Flexibility, reliability and design
It works and customization. Price is high, but you get what you pay for
The ability to be able to monitor remotely and automatically control pumps in case of an issue.
I think the Apex or another controller is mandatory for a safe, well run reef.  I don’t give a 10 because a few features are a little hard to navigate for the less experienced of us.  I would never run a tank without an Apex.  Looking forward to the Trident.
very useful, practical and reliable product
peace of mind when your not home
The quality and reliability of the equipment
Support and features are great. Only reason for a 9 instead of a 10 is the price.
It has capabilities beyond anything anything I would ask of it.
It’s very easy to use but your support team has been incredible. I’m 3 years into this and definitely a newbie when I first got an Apex system. I have called or emailed many times and I always get a quick response, many times during the weekend or at nights. The help is always first class and the information is easy to understand. There’s even a follow up a few days later to be sure my issue has been resolved. Apex and your support staff are nothing less than “amazing.”
It not only monitors your tank which is a large investment, but it can also take action wh n there is a problem.
proven reliability and quality products
Quick response and good technical details within the ticket
Very high quality product. And a price to match. That is what makes newcomers hesitant to purchase .
Automation enables more time to enjoy fish keeping
It makes running a salt water tank so much easier. ESPECIALLY when going on vacation.
Peace of mind. I use the (2) dos modules for dosing Triton, it just works flawlessly. Great product, great customer support. Thanks!
Great product, I’ve had some problems but customer support has been pretty good.
flexibility of being able to control multiple parameters from the computer
It is a piece of mind when your are not home.
Most important thing when using a controller is trustability, and for me, Apex has always been running smoothly without any issues
The ability of being able to check on my aquarium when I’m not home (any where in world) , receiving emails and alerts when something is not right. So far I have been saved once due to a heater malfunction. When I’m not home I have someone look after the take and if they are not sure what to do they can call me and I can see what is wrong or even hit the feed timer for them. My experience with the Neptune apex has been great, and thank you for making a great product
versatility, broad range of programmable features
I love my Apex. I just wish I’d have bought the 2016.I want the Trident!
Easy of use, flexibility, solid/stable performance and company support.
System works well and is easy to setup and use
Love the Apex from a control point of view. It is so nice having control over various aspects of my reef tank at my fingertips. I also like the ability to automate so many routine tasks like water changes (PMUP) and ATO (ATK). Automatic alerts such as leak detector and heater malfunction are nice too.
So I can see my tank when I’m away. Gives me great control over everything.
it is easy to control aquarium parameters and predict any issue.
Quality, security and good drinks!
Reliable, widely accepted product.
APEX is a great system to help monitor and automate some basic tank maintenance.  I don’t know where I’d be without it. I look forward to getting the newer version of the APEX.  Keep up the good work.
Your customer Service is superb and if things need to be replaced you take care of it
I don’t think I could ever be away from my tank, without anxiety, without the feedback I get from my Apex controller. Vacations would be hellish. . .I don’t know how I would operate my tank without it. It is the most reasonably priced solution and generally quality is very good. I will be very likely to buy all future products compatible with the Apex. I am looking forward to getting access to a Cor pump and will be installing a FMK this weekend.
I’ve loved my Apex from the minute I set it up, but tonight was the first time it detected an actual problem and notified us. My boyfriend and I had just finished cleaning up from dinner when we both got text messages that the tank temp had hit 82 degrees. We found the tank dark with the lights out and a very hot hood; the connector to the fan for the lights had been disconnected, the lights had gotten too hot, the tank temp went up, and the Apex turned off the lights and sent the alerts. We got everything connected again and an extra fan running over the tank to drop the temp and everything’s returning to normal now, no harm no foul. It was a big purchase for me, but worth every penny. Thanks for making such a great product.
Coelli (reefcentral), Tujunga, CA
Hey guys just wanted to thank you for the awesome product my new apex controller has to be the best investment I’ve made. I would highly recommend it to anyone and don’t let the price scare you away cause it is absolutely worth every penny you spend on it. Thanks again!
AP Frags, Austin, TX
I just received an Apex for my birthday and honestly I was incredibly intimidated about setting it up. I knew that I wanted it on my network and read that it was best just to set that up right from the start. So I did my research for a wifi adapter and got the netgear one that is recommended. I sat down with everything spread out expecting the worst: hours of frustrating work.
I can’t be any more happy and surprised with how easy it was! I’m not super computer or technology savvy but I know the basics. The steps that were outlined were clear and easy to follow. When I got to a part I was unsure about there were directions for that even! There was only one part I needed google’s assistant with but even then it was an added 10 seconds of time. Thank you for outlining everything so well!
Mhay, Chicago, IL
Just wanted to say thank you Apex for saving my tank today!!! Got a series of texts at work saying my reef temp dropped to 71.8! Turned out the heater’s plug was loose and was off. Good thing there were people at home (tho I have to spend 30 mins to explain, oh those non-reef ppl) … If it wasn’t for Apex I think I will come home with all dead corals/fish today *sobs* THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Cindy C., CA
Got my APEX yesterday. I’m loving it so far. Set-up was super easy. The manual was VERY helpful, unlike my DA RKE manual
jcmelski, NJ
Just installed my new Apex controller this evening. I can say that the setup was awesome and painless. Goodbye timers hello worry free control. This device is amazing. Controlling my current lighting, heater, pump, skimmer. Soon I will be installing new LED lighting and have dimming control on the lights. Love it!!!
Kevin H., Evansville, IN
. . . Apex’s are all set up on all tanks and man what a difference…Ya the cost was more but well worth it…Dashboard is easy, access fast, and turning things on and off is a breeze….Customer service is perfect…. So…..don’t try and save money and go for the cheaper unit…there is a reason why its cost less… I hope this helps anyone needing to make the decision on which one…Take my advice, APEX
Reefgeek1, Santa Maria, CA
Your customer service and technical support (I have used on more than one occasion) are second to none. It is very comforting to know you guys are on top of every issue possible with such a huge investment in our tanks, whether it is 15 gallons or 300 gallons like mine … I recommend the Apex controller to anyone who ask. Access to my tank at anytime from anywhere has saved my *** more than once! A $500.00 to $1000.00 investment is nothing when you start adding up your corals, fish and time.
David K., Shelby Township, MI
Companies need to model their support help off Neptune Systems. They skip the condescending “did you plug in the power????” stage of questions and go right to a screen share. While firms continue to add more buttons between a caller and live help I give these guys a ton of credit.
Josh N.
My Apex has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. I love this product. It keeps my reef consistently on track to greatness!
Dave A., Saratoga Springs, UT
I have several systems in operation at the Bloomington Fish Gallery, and each and every one of them has an Apex Controller on it. Well, last night happened to be one of the nights you are glad you have the systems… Yes, I said systems. On my personal reef tank I have the Apex and the Leak Detector module. At 01:30 AM, the alarm sounded, my cell phone received a text and my email alarm sounded at about the same time. Seems my return line to my tank from the sump sprung a leak! This was awesome, the Apex shut down the systems designated by the program I setup and alerted me to the emergency! After I replaced the return line, and all was working again, no longer did I get to sleep when the alarm from my retail units started to sound, along with my text alerts and email alerts. Seems that the Sump Low alert was triggered to warm be that the ATO was not functioning. In my haste to get all of the routine maintenance completed yesterday, I failed to reconnect the water line to the RODI holding container.
I highly recommend the Apex Controllers. I can control my systems and monitor my systems, and with the native ability to integrate an IP Web Cam into the systems, I have complete control over my systems regardless of where I am.
Justin G., The Bloomington Fish Gallery, Bloomington, IN
I f***ing love your product!
Richard Ross, MASNA Aquarist of the Year 2014