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But the best way is to let you hear it straight from our customers!  If you have a story to tell, we’d love to hear it! Just go post your story in the recommendations section on our Facebook page or email us at info_at_neptunesystems.com.
I’ve loved my Apex from the minute I set it up, but tonight was the first time it detected an actual problem and notified us. My boyfriend and I had just finished cleaning up from dinner when we both got text messages that the tank temp had hit 82 degrees. We found the tank dark with the lights out and a very hot hood; the connector to the fan for the lights had been disconnected, the lights had gotten too hot, the tank temp went up, and the Apex turned off the lights and sent the alerts. We got everything connected again and an extra fan running over the tank to drop the temp and everything’s returning to normal now, no harm no foul. It was a big purchase for me, but worth every penny. Thanks for making such a great product.
Coelli (reefcentral), Tujunga, CA
Hey guys just wanted to thank you for the awesome product my new apex controller has to be the best investment I’ve made. I would highly recommend it to anyone and don’t let the price scare you away cause it is absolutely worth every penny you spend on it. Thanks again!
AP Frags, Austin, TX
I just received an Apex for my birthday and honestly I was incredibly intimidated about setting it up. I knew that I wanted it on my network and read that it was best just to set that up right from the start. So I did my research for a wifi adapter and got the netgear one that is recommended. I sat down with everything spread out expecting the worst: hours of frustrating work.
I can’t be any more happy and surprised with how easy it was! I’m not super computer or technology savvy but I know the basics. The steps that were outlined were clear and easy to follow. When I got to a part I was unsure about there were directions for that even! There was only one part I needed google’s assistant with but even then it was an added 10 seconds of time. Thank you for outlining everything so well!
Mhay, Chicago, IL
Just wanted to say thank you Apex for saving my tank today!!! Got a series of texts at work saying my reef temp dropped to 71.8! Turned out the heater’s plug was loose and was off. Good thing there were people at home (tho I have to spend 30 mins to explain, oh those non-reef ppl) … If it wasn’t for Apex I think I will come home with all dead corals/fish today *sobs* THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Cindy C., CA
Got my APEX yesterday. I’m loving it so far. Set-up was super easy. The manual was VERY helpful, unlike my DA RKE manual
jcmelski, NJ
Just installed my new Apex controller this evening. I can say that the setup was awesome and painless. Goodbye timers hello worry free control. This device is amazing. Controlling my current lighting, heater, pump, skimmer. Soon I will be installing new LED lighting and have dimming control on the lights. Love it!!!
Kevin H., Evansville, IN
. . . Apex’s are all set up on all tanks and man what a difference…Ya the cost was more but well worth it…Dashboard is easy, access fast, and turning things on and off is a breeze….Customer service is perfect…. So…..don’t try and save money and go for the cheaper unit…there is a reason why its cost less… I hope this helps anyone needing to make the decision on which one…Take my advice, APEX
Reefgeek1, Santa Maria, CA
Your customer service and technical support (I have used on more than one occasion) are second to none. It is very comforting to know you guys are on top of every issue possible with such a huge investment in our tanks, whether it is 15 gallons or 300 gallons like mine … I recommend the Apex controller to anyone who ask. Access to my tank at anytime from anywhere has saved my *** more than once! A $500.00 to $1000.00 investment is nothing when you start adding up your corals, fish and time.
David K., Shelby Township, MI
Companies need to model their support help off Neptune Systems. They skip the condescending “did you plug in the power????” stage of questions and go right to a screen share. While firms continue to add more buttons between a caller and live help I give these guys a ton of credit.
Josh N.
My Apex has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. I love this product. It keeps my reef consistently on track to greatness!
Dave A., Saratoga Springs, UT
I have several systems in operation at the Bloomington Fish Gallery, and each and every one of them has an Apex Controller on it. Well, last night happened to be one of the nights you are glad you have the systems… Yes, I said systems. On my personal reef tank I have the Apex and the Leak Detector module. At 01:30 AM, the alarm sounded, my cell phone received a text and my email alarm sounded at about the same time. Seems my return line to my tank from the sump sprung a leak! This was awesome, the Apex shut down the systems designated by the program I setup and alerted me to the emergency! After I replaced the return line, and all was working again, no longer did I get to sleep when the alarm from my retail units started to sound, along with my text alerts and email alerts. Seems that the Sump Low alert was triggered to warm be that the ATO was not functioning. In my haste to get all of the routine maintenance completed yesterday, I failed to reconnect the water line to the RODI holding container.
I highly recommend the Apex Controllers. I can control my systems and monitor my systems, and with the native ability to integrate an IP Web Cam into the systems, I have complete control over my systems regardless of where I am.
Justin G., The Bloomington Fish Gallery, Bloomington, IN
I f***ing love your product!
Richard Ross, MASNA Aquarist of the Year 2014