If you’ve been keeping up with us on the US Apex Fusion Tour, I’d like to thank you all for doing so. Knowing that people like you read these blog posts is a pretty cool feeling, and is all the more motivation to keep writing informative blog posts.

Now, getting back to the actual Apex Fusion Tour. Our destination today was an unexpected addition to the tour. Aquarium Artisans is a brand new store, and had not even had their grand opening yet. A few days prior we had heard from a bunch of Apex Control Freaks and the store owner that they wanted us to stop. So, with a free day in the schedule and it being along the route, we had to stop.

As we rolled up at about mid-afternoon, parking was definitely a tight squeeze as Aquarium Artisan’s parking lot did not exactly accommodate a Recreational Vehicle, but alas with Terence’s superior driving abilities, we were able to make do with what we had and park diagonally across three stalls. By the way, if you ever need something set up similar to what the Apex Fusion Crew sets up, definitely send us an email as we are now able to set up our product display in less than then than twenty minutes. This is quite the stretch from the two hours it took us to set up our first day on the tour (if you remember, at Reef Raft Nor Cal in Freemont, CA).

Set up was a blur, so before I knew it we were ready for business. After the official start at around 3:00, people came and people went, but all-in-all we had a good turnout, about twenty-nine people at one particular time. So that was definitely a good thing, as Terence was able to tell a lot of people about Apex Fusion. Of course we also has raffles, with many lucky winners walking away with Crossover Diet food, Neptune Systems merchandise such as tees and hats, a Magnetic Probe Rack, and an Automatic Feeding System. When today came to a close, we ended with a group photo with the Aquarium Artisans staff, and then the Apex Fusion Tour crew and bus sped off to the next store, with the hopes of having another great day on the Tour!

aquarium artisans2