Today we headed to The Aquarium in Sandy, Utah. This amazing store is managed and owned by Brad Daniels. Truly an amazing establishment, The Aquarium has a very large selection of saltwater and freshwater livestock. They also have many different products to help make managing you’re tank much more hassle-free – and of course that includes the entire line of Apex gear!

Again, we set up and constructed our display. After that, then we started the promotion officially. Not only did we have new people discovering the Apex, but we met up with old SLC-area fish-friends as well. A lot of Neptune goodies were raffled off including an AFS, an Apex Jr., Creative Diet food, lots of T-Shirts, and of course just one of the coveted Neptune Systems hats. It was another successful day.

Oh, and it was found out at the end that Brad is a fan of Sublime!