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  1. Find the the serial number of your system
    • Via the display screen> Self Test
    • Via Apex Fusion> Apex List/Selection
  2. Download the Computer Sharing Software. Click here to download, install, and run it.
  3. When you contact an Agent please give him the ID# and Password the Computer Sharing Software offers you.
  4. Visit and please add “neptunesupport” with “manager permissions” to your ApexFusion Authorization section.
  5. Please complete the contact form below:
    1. Please note, if you do not receive a support ticket # and confirmation that the form was submitted immediately after submitting the contact form, then your information has not been received.

If you have used the resources here and here, do not want to wait for us to contact you, and still feel you need to contact phone support, then please contact us at 408-779-4090, M-F, 9 am – 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please understand that wait times are sometimes long and many times resolutions can be accomplished in less time via email correspondence with our support team.