Today the Apex Fusion tour bus stopped in Chicago, Illinois. Our fish store this day was Beyond The Reef! I can without a doubt that this was the nicest store I’ve been to yet, the most well kept, most unique. Today we setup inside the store, due to ugly weather outside. They were more than accommodating in finding us a nice little corner to set up.

Beyond The Reef certainly lives up to its title, as it has 20 feet of reef aquariums right in the front window of the store (viewable from both sides). This store also contained a spectacular four-sided, 10′ long aggressive species tank, with an eel that (unlike most) didn’t spend all his time curled up in a rock. Also, if you’re looking to buy a rare Clarion angelfish, this is the place to come (I would hurry though as they only have one).

With a very knowledgeable and helpful staff, and even complimentary coffee, this Aquarium store knows how what a store should be like. I can say that today was certainly one of the most beneficial day for the stores on the Apex Fusion Tour, as we sold the most Apex and Apex gear here in one day than in any other location thus far on the tour. As expected, we also got word out there about Apex Fusion and Neptune Systems in general – isn’t it great to know how many more people know about Apex Fusion. So when another Apex Fusion Tour day came to a close, everyone in the Apex Fusion Tour Crew, including myself, thought that Chi-town certainly was a great stop!


Happy Raffle Winners!


LPS-Madness in the window!