We’re still going strong on our Apex Fusion Tour! Today our stop was Olathe, Kansas.  My first impression when we arrived was: “It is REALLY hot here!” I highly recommend not standing outside too long in Olathe Kansas during summer unless you like the feeling that you are in a microwave.

The store we visited was Aquariums Wholesale, inside the Great Plains Shopping Mall. For me personally, I say this store is the best one we’ve visited so far – because not only did this store sell marine life, but birds, reptiles, and other mammals as well. The variety was stunning. From cockatoos to parrots to bunnies to these little miniature hedgehogs.

So, after getting out of the extreme heat, we went into the air-conditioned building, and set up shop. Then we did our usual thing. And this time I even broke out our little grill and cooked up the hot dogs. Traffic was light at first, but in the end we good turnout. And of course we had a raffle with some very happy Control Freaks!