We made it to Lakewood, CO – the store: Aqua Mart. Another amazing store, one of the best I’ve seen yet! In terms of livestock diversity, this store was definitely up there. They had some gorgeous fish including a very nice Clarion angel fish (their mascot). We also saw the care they take in inbounding and quarantining their fish in the back room.

Today, the weather was constantly changing. When we first arrived at Aqua Mart, it started raining, then it was sunny for a while, then it rained, then sunny


Despite the strange weather, the show still went on, and we still accomplished our mission of introducing Apex Fusion and Neptune Systems to a bunch of people. We were surprised though how many in the crowd already had an Apex and were active community forum members.  We gave away a bunch of Neptune swag and many people went home with smiling faces! The whole crew at Aquamart was a great help and Zack (the cowboy) was trained on the finer points of the Apex so he could be the on site expert.

Next stop – Olathe, Kansas at Aquariums Wholesale.

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