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8 in 10 users say

Neptune saved their tank

8 in 10 Users Say

Apex Saved Their Tank

Find the problem before it starts.

Find the problem before it starts.

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25 Years of


Tens of thousands of aquariums. Billions of measurements a year. Near zero downtime. Neptune Systems has been helping aquarists monitor their marine ecosystems for 25 years. In an aquarium, parameters can change in the blink of an eye. Apex provides 24/7 monitoring of your aquarium to help fine-tune the stability your fish and corals need to thrive while alerting you to any changes that might negatively impact their ability to survive.


Successfully Monitored By Apex

If it’s important to your aquarium’s safety and success Neptune Systems wants to help you monitor it. Apex offers a large selection of sensors, modules, and accessories to monitor not only what is happening in your aquarium, but also outside your aquarium. From Mg, Ca, and Ak to water on the floor (leaks) and even power outages Apex has a solution

25 Years of


Temperature swings? Leaking pipes? Failing equipment? Neptune Knows.

For 25 years tens of thousands of aquarists have relied on Neptune for peace of mind. With Apex monitoring and control, Neptune users have rested easy knowing that if something goes wrong they will know about it and can act before it becomes a real problem.

Notifications and Alerts

Take peace of mind knowing the Apex is watching over your aquarium. The Apex will alert you via a mobile notification, email, or even sound alarm should  parameters fall outside your desired range.  Any aquarist knows that knowing is peace of mind.

Action with Automation

Knowing about an issue before it becomes a problem is half the solution, but Neptune takes you further. With Apex control a broken heater can be automatically shut off or a drop in pH can trigger buffer dosing. The possibilities are endless.

Record of Reliability

When it comes to maintaining and monitoring your prized ecosystem you should accept nothing but the best. With over a decade of continuous online monitoring,  Neptune network downtime has been measured in single minutes.

25 Years of


Neptune Systems is the pioneer in aquarium automation and control. From humble beginnings on the founder’s tank to today’s worldwide user community, Neptune has been passionately focused on helping aquarists to create stable, successful, and protected aquariums.  With our thoughtfully designed ecosystem of products Neptune Systems has the control solution any aquarist is looking for.

Neptune Systems has consistently supported aquarium ecosystems for 25 years. Join us in celebrating this special event on social media and at participating retailers.

Neptune Shield

Trusted by Aquarists

I have 2 Neptune apex setups. Love them because I’m on the road for work allot and it helps me keep an eye on my tanks.

Ken R

The Apex is the heartbeat of my reef. I rely on it heavily, I honestly couldn’t maintain my current reef-to-life ratio without it. I have peace and mind knowing I can check on my reef at any moment.

Jason B

The Trident has been awesome.  I’m a bit lazy on testing so it’s been great having that done for me.  I use Trident controlled dosing, which really makes it easy to maintain my alk since my ph can vary so much depending on if we’re home, have the wi does open, etc

My latest addition was the MXM.  I love being able to control my Ecotech and AI products through my Apex.  I’ve got multiple virtual outlets and profiles setup to change flow, do different light profiles, etc. It really works well and it’s great controlling everything in one spot.

Ted M

I started using Neptune Apex in 2016. Its  easy to use and has saved my tank from disaster several times.

Carlos M

I’ve been running the Neptune Controller on one of my reef tanks for over 3 years. It’s definitely the most user friendly controller on the market, setup is a breeze with its in-app tutorials. The controller has saved my tank on a few occasions when my heater and the ATO failed. It’s the best investment I’ve made on the tank.

Weylin R

Trident is a lifesaver, keeping the tank stable is the key. DOS pumps and ATK unit, I  love all of the Neptune Equipment. I find it easy to use and navigate.

Alicia K