Dosing & Fluid Metering System

  • Whisper-Soft Operation

  • Dosing Made Easy

  • Industrial Stepper Motors

  • Secure Leakproof Design

DOS QuietDrive


Trident-controlled Dosing

Trident Controlled Dosing

Water Change

Auto Water Changes

Liquid Feedings

Liquid Feedings

Top Off

Auto Top Off





DOS QuietDrive
Size (Approx.): 9.5″ x 5″ x 5″
Weight (Approx.): 4 pounds
Lift Height: 24 feet (minimum at MSL)
Suction Height: 24 feet
Flow Rate: Variable (0.1ml – 250ml/min)
Power Requirement: 24 Volt DC
Requires: A2 or A3 Series Apex
Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

Nothing detracts from the serenity of a beautiful aquarium like obtrusive equipment noise. The DŌS QuietDrive is engineered both in physical design and motor operation to ensure that the DŌS system is one of the quietest aquarium dosing solutions on the market.

The QuietZone also features a continuous duty range which offers more flexibility for additive dosing and automatic water changes.


DŌS: A Closer Look

Dosing Made Easy

Dosing Made Easy

The DŌS QuietDrive joins your Apex ecosystem via Apex Fusion. The Fusion app dosing wizard can easily assist setup with basic dosing configurations or use feedback from probes or a Trident to automate dosing based on the levels inside your aquarium. DŌS functionality will also expand in time as new features and equipment are added.


Built to Last

The DŌS QuietDrive has a gearless, direct drive mechanism, featuring a 5000 hour mean time before failure (MTBF) stepper motor. The net result is reliable and accurate dosing month after month even in the demanding environments of a marine aquarium setup. Expect a lifespan potentially 12X greater than a DC motor driven alternative.

Secure Tubing

Leakproof Design

Leak proof fittings are critically important in a dosing pump. A pump must prevent leakage of dosing liquids but also maintain air-tight seals to ensure accurate pump metering. The DŌS QuietDrive features sure-fit compression fittings which are vastly superior to the dual-barbed fittings that are commonly used on many aquarium dosing pumps.


Experience the pinnacle of precision dosing with the DŌS QuietDrive, the latest iteration of the best-selling DŌS dosing pump. Engineered for silence and efficiency, this advanced pump sets new standards in quiet operation and versatility.

Quiet Operation
Quiet Operation

QuietDrive® Technology for whisper-soft operation.

Dosing Made Easy
Dosing Made Easy

Simple and intuitive design that gives you maximum flexibility for a wide variety of dosing goals.

Industrial Stepper Motor

Delivers exceptional lifespan, accuracy, and precision.

Secure Tubing
Secure Leakproof Design

Large tubing with compression fittings that stay in place to help prevent clogging.


Monitor, Protect, and Control with Apex Fusion

Apex Fusion is a free, cloud-based service that, when connected to your Apex, gives you a command center for your aquarium(s) from anywhere in the world. It works on nearly every device platform – computer, tablet, or smart phone – Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android. Get the Apex Fusion app on the App Store or Google Play today!

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Apex Fusion Devices

Use your web-enabled device of choice to monitor your aquarium in real-time.


Apex Fusion

Dashboards and wizards make adjusting and programming easy with Apex Fusion.


Take That Vacay

Enjoy your time off, while Apex keeps an eye on your tank.


Engineered with Purpose

The DŌS QuietDrive is much more than a dosing pump. Capable of multi-purpose dosing and fluid delivery the DŌS QuietDrive combines the simplicity of Apex Fusion software wizards for operations such as:

Water Changes

  • The DŌS QD offers a variable speed motor that can move drops or even gallons (up to 30 gallons a day)

  • Replace large weekly manual water changes with small volume daily automated exchanges.

  • Smaller volume, consistent water changes over time are better at maintaining stability and preventing parameter swings.


  • Additives dosing for consistent water chemistry, like alkalinity and calcium, are crucial for maintaining live coral.

  • The DŌS QD is designed to deliver additives slowly and uniformly, throughout the day to better maintain stability.

  • When paired with a Trident or Trident-NP the DOS QD can perform Trident Controlled Dosing, so as water chemistry changes so does the DQD’s

Also Perfect For:

  • Other Additives Dosing

  • Micro-Quantity Dosing

  • Delivery of Liquid Foods and Supplements

Designed & Assembled in the USA

What's Included

What’s Included


DŌS® QuietDrive®

50 mL Calibration Cylinder

50 mL Calibration Cylinder

6mm OD Tubing

6mm OD Tubing

1LINK Cable

1LINK Cable