DATE: 11/15/2022
TO: Apex Fusion Users
FROM: Neptune Systems on behalf of the service Apex Fusion
SUBJECT:  Notification of change of service – SMS (text) Notifications
EFFECTIVE: 11/20/2022

You are being directed to this page due to a change in service of Apex Fusion and you are a user of the Apex Fusion.

Unfortunately, due to factors outside our control, Apex Fusion will be no longer have the ability to send SMS/text notifications on 11/20/2022.

Starting in 2016, Apex Fusion began to utilize a much more popular “in-app” notification system called push notifications.  Today, push notifications comprise the majority of alerts Apex Fusion sends to our users.

In the past, in order to utilize push notifications, a user simply needed to install the Apex Fusion App and allow for these notifications.  With the most recent Apex Fusion App update, these push notifications can simply be enabled “in the app” under your profile settings.  For a step-by-step tutorial— please watch the video here.

Apex Fusion, as always, will continue to offer email alert notification.  That will not and likely will never change.

If SMS notifications are a requirement, then there are services available with the purpose of SMS alert management.  Here at Neptune Systems, we utilize a management service, called Pager Duty.

The answer here is not simple and a bit detailed, but to be a straightforward as possible:

  • Cellular carriers are taking steps to better secure text messaging and the removal of unwanted messages for their users.
  • They are opting and implementing a new methodology for SMS notification called 10DLC.
  • This methodology is intended to diminish unwanted SMS; therefore, impacts mass notification services like Apex Fusion.
  • Some very large commercial enterprises will likely be given exceptions to continue mass notification through SMS, but carriers will likely not grant those exceptions to smaller companies such as Neptune Systems.